Southern Safety Tri-Lateral Charter

Southern Company is an organization built on values. Of these values, safety is at the core throughout our company. To achieve consistency on safety, the Southern Safety Tri-Lateral (SST) was formed.

SST Organizational Chart

SST Organizational Chart

SST Overview

Top 8 Things to Know
  1. The Southern Safety Tri-Lateral consists of leadership from Southern Company Generation, associate craft labor organizations, and contractors.

  2. All Southern Company Generation and Construction sites will adopt this program; it excludes Southern Power and Southern Nuclear.

  3. The Southern Safety Tri-Lateral was established to create a unified voice on safety.

  4. The program sets consistent site requirements and expectations across our fleet.

  5. Focused Initiatives to date: First Line Supervisor Training, Stop Work Authority (SWA), and Site Safety Champions. See respective FAQs for more details.

  6. The need for additional initiatives will be evaluated after we are certain the first three initiatives are successfully rooted in our culture.

  7. Generally, the new initiatives apply to bring consistency to the plants, contractors, and craft, but there are nuances to each that must be considered.
    1. For example, there is a site safety champion who is selected from onsite contractor craft personnel. Similarly, some plants already have a Safety Rover selected from internal craft personnel whose job has similar responsibilities.
    2. First Line Supervisor Training is currently for the contract foreman; however, Southern Company is evaluating how to incorporate the same material into the new supervisor training for internal leaders.
    3. Finally, the SWA should similarly be ingrained into the site culture whether someone is a contract employee or a Southern Company employee.

  8. There are already several places to look for indications of the Southern Safety Tri-Lateral.
    1. SWA signs are posted in the contractor offices and Southern Company shops, along with badge cards promoting the expectation of a positive and receptive culture to SWA.
    2. Site safety champions can be seen interacting with contractors and Southern Company work crews and participating in various safety meetings.
    3. Lastly, everyone should be hearing common terminology and seeing visible leadership decisions that stay consistent with the teachings of First Line Supervisor Training and embrace the Stop Work Authority culture.