Site Safety Champions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where will we have site safety champions?
    A site safety champion should be available at sites with significant contractor resources and selected from onsite contractor craft personnel.

  • What is the selection process for site safety champions?
    Site safety champions are selected by the onsite contractor, representatives of plant management, and craft leadership as appropriate.
  • What are the expected responsibilities?
    Responsibilities include the following:
    • Conduct routine safety walkdowns, documenting and disseminating action items to appropriate parties.
    • Coordinate routine safety meetings and document meeting minutes.
    • Coordinate communications and activities with appropriate site representatives such as job stewards, contractor safety leads, owner safety leads, STEP teams, and so forth, regarding safety issues such as best practices, alerts, lessons learned, and so forth.

  • What is the scope of responsibilities?
    It is desired for the site safety champion to interact and provide a second set of eyes for contractors, craft, and Southern Company employees.

  • What is the tenure or length of assignment for a site safety champion?
    Currently the length of assignment is intentionally not defined and is left up to representatives of the contractors, labor trades, and plant to determine based on individual site needs and results. It is expected that representatives of the contractor, craft, and plant meet routinely to discuss expectations and results.

  • How is the site safety champion compared to a plant safety rover?
    The responsibilities and expected benefit are generally similar, with the main difference being that the site safety champion is an external craft person and the plant safety rover is an internal craft person. However, the desired role, scope, and perceived benefits are all the same.

  • How do I know who my site plant safety champion is?
    We desire for everyone to know who each plant’s safety champion is. Check with your plant regional planning manager (RPM) or core contractor supervision.