Safety Leadership Training FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the details for the Safety Leadership Training initiative which is part of the Southern Safety Tri-Lateral?
    The Southern Safety Tri-Lateral (SST) was developed to provide a consistent language and unified voice on safety. The Safety Leadership Training Class for First-Line Supervisors/Foremen was developed to ensure our first-line supervisors/foremen are equipped to lead their team to work accident-free each day.

  • How long is the training?
    The initial training class is a full 16 hours and was developed in a manner to already be as streamlined as possible while not impacting its value. The recertification class is 8 hours.

  • How do we go about getting our first line supervisors/foreman trained? Can our company trainers be certified to conduct the training?
    If you have first-line supervisors/foremen who need to be trained and you do not have an SST certified trainer available, then you will need to contact Bevill State Community College to set up a time for them to conduct the training and the end of training assessment. Cost for the training is $1,000 per day plus travel expenses. Max class size of 25. Books are typically reused, but if someone wants their own book, there is a $90-100 charge per book.

    If you have an in-house trainer(s) who will be training your first-line supervisors/foremen, they must attend the both the 16-hour and 8-hour Train-the-Trainer classes and pass the end of training assessments to be certified. You will need to contact Bevill State Community College to set up a time for the training. Cost for the Train-the-Trainer instructor is $1,000 per day plus material and travel expenses. Max class size of 25.

    To schedule training and/or end of training assessment, contact Bevill State Community College at:
    Rob Dzurino - Training Coordinator
    Telephone: 205-648-3271 ext. 5225

  • I have an employee who took the 16-hour First Line Supervisor/Foreman Safety Leadership Training and they have now moved into a Trainer role. What training certifications do they need?
    If they will be teaching the Safety Leadership Training (not Bevill State) then they will need to take both the Train-the-Trainer specific 16-hour Safety Leadership Training and then the Train-the-Trainer specific 8-hour recertification class. The books, materials and instruction you receive in these classes is focused on how a Trainer presents the material and engages participants so effective learning and application takes place.

  • I have an employee who is a Trainer and has been certified recently on the Train-the-Trainer specific 16-hour Safety Leadership Training. Although it has only been a few months do they also need to be certified on the Train-the-Trainer specific 8-hour recertification class?
    Yes they do. The 8-hour recertification contains additional material than the 16-hour certification class and by completing it will certify that the Trainer is competent and able to teach both the courses. Once they have taken the 8-hour recertification class, then they will not have to be recertified for 3 years. At the 3-year mark they will only need to take the 8-hour recertification.

  • You mentioned in the two FAQs above the requirements and timelines for certification and recertification for Trainers. However, what is the recertification requirement for First Line Supervisors/Foreman?
    The 8-hour recertification class specifically for First Line Supervisors/Foreman must be taken before the 3-year anniversary of their last certification. For instance if your First Line Supervisor/Foreman attended the initial 16-hour Safety Leadership Training on May 19, 2019 then they will need to be recertified by taking the 8-hours recertification class before May 19, 2022.

  • We have recently hired both a First Line Supervisor and Trainer from another company and they have stated that they have been certified. How can I get details about their certification?
    Bevill State Community College maintains the formal records and you can contact them with any questions you have. Rob Dzurino, Bevill State Training Coordinator, 205-648-3271 ext. 5225 or

  • What is an end of training assessment?
    All training classes, whether they are taught by your SST Certified Trainer or by Bevill State Community College, finish with an end-of-training assessment and each employee must pass with at least a 70% score to get credit for the training. All end-of-training assessments must be conducted by Bevill State Community College. Cost to administer the assessment is $500 per day plus travel expenses.

    NOTE: If Bevill State Community College conducts the training class for you, there is no additional cost for administering the end-of-training assessment.

    NOTE: Please contact Bevill at least 1 to 2 weeks ahead to schedule training/proctoring to allow them to coordinate their activities across the southeast. Within-the-week requests will be difficult, if not impossible, for Bevill to accommodate.

  • Is it possible for Bevill State Community College to help coordinate training and proctoring sessions with as many people from different companies to lower costs?
    Bevill already makes this a priority to point out opportunities when possible, but travel distance has impacted companies wanting to combine sessions to date.

  • How will Southern Company know if I completed the training?
    Bevill State Community College will provide a wallet card and certificate of completion to each employee. They will also provide Southern Company a roster of those who completed the class and passed the end-of-training assessment for our formal records and for auditing purposes. Southern Company is using EMPACT to store this information to be accessible to the plants.

  • When are our first line supervisors/foremen expected to be trained?
    We established the expectation for our core O&M contractors' frontline supervisors (McAbee, D&Z, Vulcan, Fluor, Zachry, and CCSI) to have the training by the end of the Q3 2016. As of January 2017, it is not required, but preferred and encouraged for all our O&M contractors. We expect to establish target dates in the fall of 2019 for all other O&M contractors.

  • Are our subcontractors required to be trained?
    The training is intended to be for both contractors and subcontractors.

    Initially, Southern Company had been encouraging proactive completion of the training by craft prior to arriving on-site or being hired by a contractor. And while that still may be an option, there is no efficient mechanism to provide and track compensation for this pre-hire training. Therefore, it is understood that most craft will wait to be hired by a contractor before training takes place.